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31.03.2012, 22:58
1 - Sign Up (http://www.i-gagnant-barre.com/?u=Gennadiy&lang=en)
The registration on the website is totally free and without obligation of purchase. You simply need to submit your e-mail address and follow the registration steps. However, only one account per household is permitted.
2 - Download the bar
Once your registration is completed, you will automatically connected to your new account I-Gagnant. It only remains for you to download the bar if not already done by clicking the Download the bar link in the left menu labeled The Platform.
3 - Start earning money
- Launch your new software. You will earn 1 point for each advertisement will be displayed. The more you keep open your bar more you will earn points.
- In addition to points earned with the bar, we offer you to visit sites ( The clicks ).

http://media.i-gagnant-barre.com/pub/ban468_en.gif (http://www.i-gagnant-barre.com/?u=Gennadiy&lang=en)