PayPal is actually free to create an account but you must verify your identity by using either a credit card or bank account since Ghana has been blacklisted from opening a PayPal account you can’t use local Ghana bank account and debit cards to verify the account.
You can only use a virtual credit cards of virtual bank account, a virtual credit card is not physical credit card but it has all the function of a credit card, it comes with any name and address, with this cards you can use it to create and verify your PayPal account from anywhere in the world. you can create the PayPal account using any PayPal accepted countries like Togo, south Africa, Malaysia etc if you want to create a USA, Canada, Australian and united kingdom PayPal account you will be required to add a bank account to it also.

watch video on how to create virtual credit cards for paypal verification

you can use any of the website in the video create paypal account in ghana

for more tips on how to open verified PayPal account in Ghana visithttp://