In Mega Pokemon, upon encountering a wild Monster, three random abilities from that Monster ability pool and one random nature is assigned to that Monster. In Pokemon Mega, we pre-assigned abilities to each Pokemon that would most represent and feel like original abilities. But we did not code original abilities as it would require too much additional time.
So let’s do a bit of analyzing on how much these games developed.
Pokemon Mega is an interesting Pokemon in the main series games as its only weak to Fairy-Type attacks, which gives it a lot of utility especially after it Mega Evolves. Unfortunately, none of Pokemon Mega's strengths really translate to Pokemon Mega, as its lack of weaknesses can easily be overcome by brute force. While Pokemon Mega has the rarely seen Ghost-Type move Shadow Sneak, there's really nothing this Pokemon brings to the table to give it any use in either Pokemon Mega RPG or raids.

The presentation of Pokemon Mega is really very superb; with a simple navigational interface. Such as tool tips for most buttons, streamlining a beginner’s experiences as well as seasoned players. This feature has even been added to the Pokemon themselves.
If so your childhood was great ! if you do not, I highly advise you to give these games a try, even though they are old, they surely are gold.
This week inspector detective officer person Plasterbrain investigates fanmade Pokemon Mega’s across the net — the good, the bad, and the Purugly. Lousy game design, shameless pay-to-win, and a fear of pineapples — plus the secret, seedy underbelly of online Poke-plagiarism.
The graphics is somewhere between Emerald and Platinum. Thee is the possibility to play alongside other players and getting together with them through duels and trades.
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Author: alinapmxxuensuer