It has not taken long for criminals to find uses for the pokemon pc game. Armed robbers used it to lure victims to an isolated trap in Missouri on Sunday. People in the US have also been injured chasing monsters into hazardous spots and on Friday a teenager found a dead body while playing the game.
For those in Britain wanting to see what the fuss is about, the best bet is simply to sit tight and wait for the official launch – originally planned to be “a few days” after the US one, but now delayed because of the unexpected capacity issues.

Infernape, Eventually, every starter Pokemon is going to get an upgrade. We’ve seen the first generation of pocket monsters debut mega-evolutions, while Ruby and Sapphire also got in on the action in their 2014 remakes. But Infernape has always been one of my favourites. While Blaziken may have been the first combination Fighting and Fire-type pocket monster, Infernape to me was the best of the lot.
This Pokemon Mega is a collection of many life-forms. While it appears to be made up of stones stacked atop one another, each “stone” is in fact a separate life-form. When confronting opponents, the eyes on each of its stones begin to glow bright red.

The United states Herald reported that a man who answered the gate at the Hells Angels club did not know what Pokemon Mega was and told players to “go talk to the police”.
But the core of the game is the Pokemon themselves, which can appear anywhere, any time (though often themed around the location, with ghost-type Pokemon appearing in graveyards and water-type creatures near lakes and rivers). Tap on one of them and a Pokemon Mega starts, in which the aim is to catch a Pokemon.
This simple loop – get items, get pokemon, get gyms – is the core of the gameplay. Put it in a normal mobile game and it would feel fairly thin, but as with Ingress before it, the fun of the game comes from it existing as a background layer to your everyday life. Do you take a detour on the way home to hit an extrInstantfuns? If you’re on holiday on a remote island, will there be unclaimed gyms lying around for you to seize for your team? If you need one more Magikarp before you can evolve a Gyarados, is it worth walking to work along the canal, where water-type Pokemon are more common?
Well, in Pokemon Sun and Moon your PC boxes just got a hell of a lot more useful thanks to a new feature called Poke Pelago - or what Ohmori-san called Pokemon Resort.
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