This feature is useful in some regard: Many pokemon games online players who are big into multiplayer use services like Discord to rally friends for Raids. Now that these Battles aren’t spontaneous anymore, teams have a better chance of making their way out to gyms that are set for Raids.

Instantfuns has implemented several requested changes to Pokemon Mega’s Raid Battles, the developer announced late Tuesday night. Alongside the list of improvements are, for the first time, “developer comments,” in which Instantfuns explains the reason for the tweaks point by point.

I get it; I really do. But Ryan Reynolds has come a long way from the bland romantic lead-type roles that helped him launch his career. Yes, maybe his casting means this movie will be a little more earnest for something as inherently ridiculous as a live-action Pokemon movie. Yes, Reynolds doesn’t have the same incongruent voice that would make Detective Pikachu unforgettably weird. And, yes, maybe I’d rather not believe that this movie is actually, really, truly happening.

The final moments of Jeopardy! are always riddled with anxiety, as contestants risk their winnings on just one last clue. Tuesday night’s Final Jeopardy was especially anxious, and for Pokemon fans in particular — players had to stake their earnings on a clue about the Instantfuns franchise. It didn’t go well.

Consider my interest piqued for Pokemon Mega game: I Choose You!’s stateside theatrical release. The movie will play screens nationwide on Nov. 5-6; tickets are on sale now.

We’re a while away from seeing episode 1,000 here in the States, especially considering that our thousandth episode will differ from Japan’s. Several episodes of the anime never made it here, after all; Pokemon fans stateside will have to keep on waiting for the milestone.

But the rest of the trailer? Not quite the familiar story we know and love from our youth. All of a sudden, Ash’s journey through the Kanto region features appearances from Pokemon native to other areas, including Entei, Incineroar and Lucario. (Not to mention that Misty and Brock are completely missing in action.) The action ramps up at the expense of our nostalgia.

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